Esther Lane and Joanna Duff pose with Oreo, a dog featured in the video who is still up for adoption through Wag & Walks.

Esther Lane and Joanna Duff pose with Oreo, a dog featured in the video who is still up for adoption through Wag & Walks.


upcoming “Other than you” single & video release supports a cause close to singer’s heart

Local singer/songwriter, Joanna Duff, recently teamed up with WAGS & WALKS in her latest video single release for “Other Than You’ to raise awareness and funding for dogs in overcrowded Los Angeles shelters. The singer’s video for her new song releases this summer, with proceeds from it to benefit the local LA Wags & Walks adoption center. The music video, directed by Dustin Jacobs, features a storyline around adopting a rescue dog, and stars Esther Lane, Max Lichtig and a chow shepherd mix named Samson Marvin. Samson is a rescue dog adopted by Vicky Pham in 2012 from Austin Pets Alive in Austin, Texas. 

“When Dustin and I were brainstorming ideas, I knew I wanted it to be bigger than just me recording a cool video to share with fans and friends. I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate a cause I care about into this project. A way to benefit rescue dogs seemed like an obvious choice. My family adopted our first puppy from a local shelter when I was a baby and since then, we’ve collectively raised over ten dogs - all rescues and all amazing dogs. I would never think twice about adopting a dog from a shelter, but I know many other people don’t think they can find their perfect dog there. And I want to change that.”

The video was partially filmed at Wags and Walks’ adoption center and features several dogs that have since been adopted through the organization. Founded in 2011 by Lesley Brog, Wags & Walks was started to break the stigma that rescue dogs are damaged goods, and to help decrease the number of euthanized dogs in local Los Angeles shelters. Wags and Walks opened their West LA adoption center in January 2018, allowing the organization to double the amount of dogs they save annually and providing additional volunteering opportunities for the community. 

The actors all worked without pay, so that the funds could go towards a donation to the center. 

One of the video’s stars, Esther Lane, says “I was thrilled to be able to help with this project, it’s for a really good cause. I think it’s fitting to use music to help animals. Both bring people joy, unite us, and provide therapy in their own way. I am forever grateful for my rescue dog, Piper and the unconditional love she gives. It truly is a ‘who rescued who?’ dynamic.” 

There are several ways in which individuals can help local adoption centers and animal shelters. Adoptions and donations are important, but there are other ways to help such as fostering the animals. “We can only help a dog if there is a safe space for them. And fostering creates more safe spaces,” Duff says. “I think people would be surprised by how non-committal fostering could be. Sometimes an organization like Wags and Walks only needs a foster for a dog for a weekend or a few weeks. It doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment to make an impact in a dog’s life.” 

Since partnering on the video, Duff has also found a place at Wags and Walk as a volunteer. “They have an amazing volunteering program where it is easy to get involved and help by walking dogs at the center, transporting dogs to vet appointments or adoption appointments or representing the organization at fundraising and awareness events. It’s a wonderful way to feel part of a community and larger purpose.” 


Joanna Duff

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